Kevin Durant Leaves Oklahoma, Sells Gaillardia Home for $1.95 Million

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Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City Thunder is putting up his 5,545 square foot home in Gaillardia for sale. According to his realtor, Kim Jordan, the basketball superstar is selling his house for $1.95 million.

In 2011, Durant bought his house for $1,799,500. If he gets his asking price, Durant will get $150,500 in his pocket.

Its main residence measures 3,640 square foot. It has a guesthouse, with 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen area, and a home theatre, which measures 2,085 square foot altogether. The house also has a huge swimming pool measuring 1,000 square foot.

With all those wonderful amenities, Durant's house isn't really a house, but a mansion. Don't you think?

Durant is not exactly leaving Oklahoma. In fact, He recently bought two more houses in the area back in July, at Walnut Avenue and at NE2. According to News OK, Durant paid for a building permit to convert the two houses he bought into one.

Durant seems to be out on a vacation right now. He posted a photo on his Instagram account and it appears that he is on an airplane. "Flickatin on the way to turkey with my bruvs," Durant posted as its caption.  Durant will probably leave everything about the house he is selling to his realtor.

"I do not advertise the house telling everyone that it was his," Kim Jordan, Durant's realtor, said. "It is just a regular listing, just like any other home in Gaillardia," she added.

Gaillardia is a golf course property in a lavish gated community. As described in its own Web site, it is one of the finest communities in the city of Oklahoma. Obviously, $1.95 million is a hefty amount of money but come to think of it, the house is jampacked with great luxurious features, and just the fact that it was once owned by Kevin Durant makes it all fairly cheap. Would you agree?

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