'Kevin Durant Can't Watch' Memes Emerges as Latest Internet Craze

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NBA: Kevin Durant-MVP Press Conference
May 6, 2014; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant speaks after receiving the MVP trophy at Thunder Events Center. Reuters/Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports Reuters

The Oklahoma City Thunder pulled through Game 5 in the 2014 NBA playoffs Tuesday night against the L.A. Clippers. While Tuesday night's game was filled with excitement and controversy, the Internet's creative people made a funny meme of Kevin Durant.

The official's call for a foul to Chris Paul that gave Russell Westbrook to score three easy free throws is still subject to debate among NBA experts, and fans. The official's take on the controversial matter ended as soon as Westbrook stepped on the free throw line, and made the three decisive free throws. OKC's latest win put them 3-2 in the heated series against the L.A. Clippers.

Given the 6.4 seconds remaining in the game when Westbrook was fouled, fans of both teams are gnashing their teeth in tension about what the outcome of the game would be. Same goes for Kevin Durant, who "seemed" unable to bear OKC's situation. Durant instead sat down away on the other end of the court, staring into the stands while Westbrook calmly (for him) sank in the three crucial free throws.

Photographer Ronald Martinez was able to capture the perfect scene of the game as well as KD's epic contemplative pose that caused another social media craze. Hardwood Paroxysm's Twitter account sparked the blaze for the good people of the Internet to make "huge" events behind KD. The public happily obliged to the cause and contributed numerous KD memes.

In the serious moments of game 5, the Clippers were taking the lead by 15 points early. They were able to minimize Durant's usual high-scoring streak with good defense. The Clippers were able to retaliate with OKC's comebacks keeping the game steady within Lob City's hands. However, the final minutes of game 5 gave the Clippers a painful upset to their efforts. Westbrook's 38 points, game winning free throws, and the rest of OKC's overall efforts won them a close game by one point 105 - 104.

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