Kevin Durant on Brink of Joining Dirk, Malone, Unseld as MVPs Failing To Reach Second Round

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Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant might have already bagged 2014 NBA MVP, but he's also on the verge of joining former MVPs who failed to advance beyond the first round of the playoffs.

Durant, who will likely received his first ever regular-season MVP award, might join Wes Unseld, Moses Malone and Dirk Nowitzki in the list of former MVP who failed to reach the second round of the playoffs.

"Dirk Nowitzki is the most recent regular season MVP to have his team lose in the first round, falling to the Golden State Warriors in 2007. Wes Unseld (1969) and Moses Malone (1979, 1982) are the other two MVPs to lose in the first round, while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was named MVP in 1976 despite missing the playoffs in his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers," Real GM reported on Tuesday.

With Tuesday's heartbreaking overtime loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, the Thunder need to win the next two games for them to avoid elimination.

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