Kerry Washington Pregnant: 'Scandal' Star Debuts her Baby Bump [PHOTOS]

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Kerry Washington may still keep her life private and not speak about it too publicly but according to "Scandal" co-star Joe Morton, she is very much excited about her impending motherhood. "She is looking forward to being a mom," Morton, Washington's on-screen father, tells People. "She sort of floats around having been just married and now having a baby and putting a family together. She is in pig heaven, as they say." See baby bump photos here

Morton continues to say that Washington has started boding with her unborn baby on the set of ABC's faced-paced drama to make sure the trauma she puts her body through as Olivia Pope won't have any effect on the little bun baby in the oven. "She spends time singing and talking to the baby to say we are just playing pretend and everything is going to be okay. Don't worry about it," Morton shares. "She is very kind, very smart, very affectionate and she really wants this baby, which is the key to it all."

Kerry Washington has proved that you can still lead a private life in Hollywood. She has notoriously managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps and asked her co-stars to keep it a secret. "We are loyal to her and that was what she wanted. We thought it is her baby so let's just help her do that," Morton says.

Washington managed to pull off a surprise wedding with former NFL player, Nnamdi Asomugha on June 24, 2013. The couple seems to have a unique marriage as Kerry is almost always seen at the red carpet for Hollywood events alone. There have been a lot of speculations saying the couple is already on the rocks and that their marriage was only a lifestyle choice, not based on love. The couple was once again plagued by Nnamdi's gay rumours while Kerry's share of long term relationships that did not work have been pried open.

Washington lands in AskMen's top 10 most desirable women in 2014. She came in at number 7, saying that the pregnant star's infectious beauty, personality and her powerful role as Scandal's Olivia Pope makes women in power suits very desirable.

The second half of "Scandal" Season 3 will return on Thursday, Feb. 27 on ABC.

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