Kentucky Man Goes Barefoot for 365 Days to Raise Money for Shoeless Children

By @snksounak on

Richard Hudgins is one of those people who refuse to take things for granted and move a step further to influence change, no matter how small. Mr Hudgins has decided to wear no shoes for 365 days and raise money for buying shoes for children who do not "have the luxury of owning a pair", according to his Facebook page.

The Kentucky man will take all the money he manages to raise by the end of year and take it to shoe companies. He hopes against all odds that he will be able to raise enough amount of money to give to the highest bid of contribution. He has been in touch with several non-profit organisations which are capable of helping him take shoes to children who are really in need of them.

Mr Hudgins is in need of sponsors who can help him go to the children with no shoes all over the world. The sponsors' money will be spent to travel to those children. However, if he does not find any sponsor, he plans to buy his ticket himself. He claims that he is confident that he will be able to get the shoeless children a pair each.

Mr Hudgins informs that there are 300 million children in the world, who do not have shoes to wear. Shoes work against the spread of parasitic diseases which affect more than 1.4 billion population around the planet, he writes. He further writes that it is rare for many people in developing nations to have a pair of shoes. Numerous children grow up in these countries without wearing any shoes.

His fundraising campaign page says that he explains why he decided to go barefoot. He wrote: : "I have a choice. They don't.".

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