Kendra Wilkinson’s Divorce Troubles Due to Transsexual Mistress Update: Grandma Instructed Not to Talk to Media

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Kendra Wilkinson
File photo of Playboy magazine founder Hugh M. Hefner (2nd L) and Playmates Holly Madison (L), Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson (R) in Hollywood, California, June 7, 2007. REUTERS/FRED PROUSER/FILES

Grandmother should shush about granddaughter's business. At least that is what Kendra Wilkinson wants. After the allegations that her husband is cheating on her with a transsexual model, Kendra Wilkson is yet to make an official statement. As she quietly endures the scandal, Kendra wants the rest of her family to do the same.

Radar Online claims that Kendra forbids anyone from talking about her marriage or what is left of it. Her grandmother herlsef said she was instructed to keep silent. When Radar Online called Kendra's grandmother to get more information on Kendra's side of the story, the grandmother will not say anything except that she's "not permitted to answer" and that keeping silent is on her "instructions."

The grandma, Mary Stotz has filmed for the upcoming season of Kendra on Top. But she reveals now that this will probably be her last shoot. She said she will not make more appearances on the show because she was not enjoying it anymore. She joked that the first time was fun only because she was still young. "I was younger then and I did enjoy it," she said.

Radar Online was the one that broke the story that Wilksinson and husband are headed for a split after Hank Baskett cheated on Kendra with transsexual model Ava Sabrina. Since then, Kendra did not say a word about what she feels or thinks of the whole scandal.

There is a theory that Kendra is not speaking out for fear of what could happen to her reality show's ratings.

 "Kendra is all about the ratings, I do know that," her mother Patti Wilkinson herself shared to an interview last month with Radar Online.

"I think the only reason my mom was asked to go up there to be at the hospital when the baby was born was for the show, and that really upsets me tremendously," shared Patti.

Patti and Kendra are back on good terms though, because the mom cannot resist being there for Kendra after this scandal broke out.

Mail Online also reported that Kendra would rather focus on making herself feel good during this trying period of her life. She's determined to go on with life like nothing happened. She went to yoga Los Angeles, California just this Monday.

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