Kendall And Kylie Jenner Release Madden Girl Shoe Collection And PacSun Back-To- School Line [VIDEO]

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Model Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner Arrive at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas
Model Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner arrive at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada May 18, 2014. REUTERS

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are stepping out of their older sisters' shadows and are becoming little fashion moguls in their own right. The two youngest members of Kris and Bruce Jenner's brood grew up in front of the camera and apart from appearing in the family's reality show, they are now household names in themselves and have just launched the latest collections in their fashion collaborations with PacSun and Steve Madden.

Kendall and Kylie have been collaborating with PacSun since 2012 and with the end of summer came the announcement of the Jenner sisters' back-to-school "Desert Wanderlust" collection. The PacSun collection features more casual and youthful styles compared to their older sisters' Kardashian Kollection fashion line which they launched in collaboration with SEARS Department Store.

The pieces for Kendall and Kylie's PacSun collection are very laid back and bohemian-inspired. The promo video released by the brand features the two girls out on a barren landscape with Kendall doing some horseback riding in a lacey crop top while Kylie is wearing a hoodie and jeans while also interacting with a beautiful white horse. The other outfits composed of flowing, light fabrics and a lot of fringe.

Meanwhile, the girls have also collaborated with Steve Madden for a brand new shoe line. The first collection came out in February and their latest fall collection has already hit stores nationwide. Nodstrom carries the Madden Girl brand and fans are already lining up to get their hands on the merchandise. The shoe collection features various styles ranging from gladiator sandals to wedges and strappy heels. The styles are again more casual and youthful compared to the Kardashian Kollection shoe line which features mostly pumps and more formal styles.

Kylie posted a photo on her Instagram site announcing the release of the shoe collection and the promo photo shows the sisters in casual clothing wearing matching chunky heels in front of a colourful, arcade-style background. Kylie captioned the photo: "I'm so excited to announce that the first round of our #KendallKylieMaddenGirl FALL collection is NOW available at @nordstrom! @stevemadden#NordstromBP"

The PacSun Kendall and Kylie collection is now available at the official PacSun website while the Madden Girl collection is available at Nordstrom stores.

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