Kendall Jenner Moves on with NBA Hunk Chandler Parsons, Harry Styles Becomes Serious with Paige Reifler

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner arrive on the red carpet to host the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto
Kendall Jenner (L) and Kylie Jenner arrive on the red carpet to host the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto, June 15, 2014. REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Kendall Jenner knows she cannot get Harry Styles back anymore. Reports of her wanting the 1D member back have been circulating for a while, but with Harry Styles becoming serious over Paige, Kendall herself dropped the chase. It helps that there are a lot of guys who would want to be with her. It seems now that Kendall sets her sights on NBA hunk Chandler Parsons.

Page Six reports that possible romance can bloom between reality star and model Kendall Jenner and NBA hottie Chandler Parsons. An insider claimed the two were very cosy and flirty with each other on Saturday night, so it's not too farfetched to say something romantic can bloom between them.

The pair was seen "next to each other" at STK LA. They were with Kendall's sister, Kylie, and two other friends.

"Kendall and Chandler were flirting throughout the meal," the insider shared. "They laughed and chatted all night."

Parsons is a good catch if this is the case. He just signed a three-year, $46 million deal with the Dallas Mavericks.  The Jenner sisters were in Dallas last week because they were promoting their fashion line.

Fans of Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner should now face the truth that the two will not reconcile.  Harry Styles seems already very serious about Paige Reifler. Their actions at the Warner Music and GQ party at Shoreditch House last week say a lot.

"Harry turned up specifically to meet up with Paige but they were as discreet as possible at the event. Then they both left the main party, which was on the rooftop next to the pool, and went downstairs to the more private," Metro UK reports.

Harry seems so smitten with Paige that Paige is getting death threats because of it!  This got Paige spooked. Paige is even prepared to call the police now because of it. Mirror UK reports that the New York model posted on Twitter: "I hope you all know that giving die threats is a crime. I could report you to the police. The hate can also be reported." 

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