Kendall Jenner House Hunting Sparks War Between Bruce And Kris

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After Kendall Jenner announced that she is moving out in the latest episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" estranged couple Bruce and Kris Jenner are not seeing eye to eye on their decision. Kris wants Kendall to stay on the nest while Bruce is helping out his daughter to move to Malibu so she can live close to him.

The now 18-year-old Kendall announced that she wants to move out when she turns 18, which made Kris very upset. Sister Kim Kardashian quickly offered her advice to stay as long as she can with Kris but Kendall already made up her mind about her decision as she went house hunting with Bruce.

"I just want to push it as far away as I can," says Kris who still thinks that Kendall is her little girl. Obviously, Kris is upset about Bruce encouraging Kendall to get her own place but this time the former Olympian is not backing down as he tries to convince Kendall to get a place in Malibu so they can be neighbors.

"I'm upset because you keep taking Kendall's side and allowing her, like, to move out and she's 18 years old," says Kris as she takes the argument onto a roller coaster during Kendall's birthday celebration in Magic Mountain.

But Bruce thinks that his daughter is more mature than Kim when she decided to move out, and says that it will be good for Kendall to live independently. Bruce even listed out a few reasons why it's best for Kendall to live on her own, but Kris tunes him out and does not want to hear his reasons.

"I can't believe she [Kris] is mad that I am encouraging Kendall to move out," Bruce says in his confessional. "I moved out of the house when I was 18 and I never came back - kids do this."

It seems that everybody is moving out of the house and momager Kris doesn't want to be alone. But before the latest episode of KUWTK ended, the three agreed that Kendall can start looking for places but it doesn't mean that she's leaving right away.

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