Kendall Jenner Forbids Sister Kim Kardashian from Attending her Fashion Shows, Considers her Presence a Hindrance - Reports

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Kendall Jenner arrives on the red carpet at the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto
Kendall Jenner arrives on the red carpet at the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto, June 15, 2014. REUTERS/Mark Blinch REUTERS

Kendall Jenner reportedly banned her half sister Kim Kardashian to attend her fashion shows, it has been revealed. The 18-year-old considered more famous sister Kim's presence in her shows a hindrance than any support, new reports suggest. She did not invite Kim for any of her fashion shows because she did not want people to think she is using her popular sister's name to get the assignments, Kendall's latest interview reveals.

Kendall revealed that she wanted people to think that whatever work she has done in the modeling world is solely because of her own efforts and not because she is a sister of the famous Kim Kardashian, her latest interview with "Love" magazine revealed.

"People think that this [success] just came to me. But it didn't. What I have has almost worked against me. I had to work even harder to get where I wanted because people didn't take me seriously as a model," Kendall revealed in the interview.

"I went on castings and some people weren't feeling me because of my name. But it was great when people didn't recognize me. I was like, 'Thank you. Please don't recognize me,'" added the 18-year old model.

Kendall further revealed that she made her first ever portfolio for modeling very casually by just sticking non-professional pictures taken by her friends and some selfies on a word document. She was the happiest when she walked the runway for Chanel.

Kendall said that her sister Kim called her many times before the show to let her know that she has been invited by the designers for it but Kendall always asked her not to come for it.

"Kim was invited to a lot of the shows that I was in. She called me before and was like, 'Hey, I was invited to the show, I just wanted to let you know. Do you want me to come?' and I was like, 'No.'"

Kim Kardashian too has revealed in her previous interview that Kendall had to work really hard to get into the modeling world and whatever she has achieved is solely her own hard work. She did not use the Kardashian family's name anywhere, Kim revealed. 

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