Kendall Jenner Cries Again for Harry Styles: Asks Selena Gomez For Love Advice


Kendall Jenner is not over Harry Styles. The Jenner sister is apparently leaning on her new BFF Selena Gomez for support. Varied sources have suggested that Jenner has befriended Gomez to take advice on love-life and she thinks that Selena Gomez can help her win back Harry Styles.

"Kendall has been leaning on Selena for support over her breakup with Harry," a source told Hollywood Life, adding, "She reached out to Selena because she has always admired how she has dealt with her very public roller coaster relationship with Justin [Bieber]. Selena is like a big sister to her."

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner started dating last November and it was being said that Jenner is head over heels for Styles. But the couple broke-up for unknown reasons and it reportedly left Jenner devastated. Jenner was taking support of Kardashian sisters to get over the split but it seems she is still hung up on Harry.

Though Jenner was spotted with mysterious men on various occasion, it seems Styles is the love of her life. Meanwhile, there were speculations that Selena Gomez may feature in the upcoming episodes of KUWTK but sources say that Jenner and Gomez met up only to discuss boys.

"Selena has not been asked to be on Keeping Up with the Kardashians," the insider said, adding, "Her lunch date with Kendall had nothing to do with the show, just boys."

Selena Gomez is also once again dealing with her love life with Justin Bieber. In spite of her family and friend's opposition, the couple reunited in Texas and from what it seems this time the unison is for keeps.

"Selena has fallen for Justin's charms and the two of them have become inseparable again," a source told British magazine Star.

People close to Selena think that Justin is bad news, but it is good to see the couple together again. Fans hope that the settled love life will give both of them a new career high.  

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