Kelly Osbourne with Fit Bikini Body Spotted in Australia [PHOTOS]


British rock child Kelly Osbourne arrived in Sydney, Australia last April 26 to endorse the women's magazine, Cleo, as a columnist and have a good time as well away from family issues. The 28-year-old "Fashion Police" host was not afraid in showing off her bikini body while relaxing with fiancé Mattew Mosshart by the pool.

Kelly Osbourne shared that her first piece of work for the Australian magazine is called "Life Is Just Shit Sometimes." "It's the truth and at the end of the day you have to be honest about it with yourself. It helps you stay positive," Osbourne explained.

Kelly's fit bikini body is the result of losing 70 pounds from a meticulous diet and exercise. "I'm the most secure and content I've ever been," Osbourne revealed to the May issue of "Self" magazine.

Just like everyone else, Kelly admitted that she still has the occasional cravings for food. "I eat my fattiest meal in the a.m. If I'm craving pizza, I'll have it for breakfast, salad for lunch and oatmeal for dinner," Osbourne stated.

The daughter of rock star Ozzy Osbourne revealed the "terrifying" collapse that happened last March on the set of "Fashion Police" helped in turning her life around. Kelly Osbourne reportedly fell from the chair and had a seizure before she was rushed to the hospital in Los Angeles.

"I still have absolutely no idea what caused it. But if there was something positive to come out of it, it's that I've started looking into what might have happened and what different foods do to your body and it's made me an even healthier person," Osbourne shared.

The young TV host further added that she does not want her collapse become a sob story with the public feeling sorry for her but the experience should serve as awareness in health instead. "What most people don't know is everyone will experience some sort of seizure in their life. Mine just happened in front of everybody," Osbourne explained.

Meanwhile, the Osbourne family is currently having personal issues after the Black Sabbath front man Ozzy Osbourne admitted going back to alcohol and prescription drugs dependency. The heavy metal music icon also arrived in Sydney to finish his leg tour without his wife, Sharon Osbourne, on his side.

Sharon denied the rumors that she will end her marriage with Ozzy due to his alcohol and drugs relapse. "We're not getting divorced. However, am I happy? No. Am I upset? Yes I am. I'm devastated right now," Sharon revealed to her "The Talk" co-hosts last week.

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