Keith Urban's 16th Number Hit, 'We Were Us' Supposed To Be 'American Idol's' Runner Up Lauren Alaina's

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Keith Urban
Musician Keith Urban performs ''Cop Car'' during the 2014 CMT Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee June 4, 2014. REUTERS/HARRISON MCCLARY

"We Were Us," the 16th Number One hit for Keith Urban that have him singing alongside the beautiful Miranda Lambert, was not supposed to be his in the first place.  Fate intervened however and Keith was able to snag the tune first. Adding Lambert into the mix was both a risky and genius move that worked out more than fine in the end.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Country, the song's co-writer, Jon Nite shared that "American Idol" runner up Lauren Alaina was supposed to do it at one point, but Keith managed to get his hands on it first.

"It was one of those immediate things," Keith shared to the reporters at a press conference on his first listen. "It started out that I loved the imagery. I love that way of songwriting where you can plug everything else in as a listener - it's like telegraph writing: 'Had baby, stop. 8 lbs, 7 oz, stop.' You fit everything else in between."

Miranda Lambert was a quick choice for a singing partner, Keith shared. The moment he decided he wanted the song to be a male-female duet, Mirada's face and voice came to him immediately. However, it was not that easy to convince his team to turn the song into a duet. And when approved, there were also a lot of arguments when arranging the song. Many do not like the idea of Lambert singing first, Keith shared. The legendary country singer tried switching the order of the verses, but he did not like the outcome. They tweaked on the song until a masterpiece come off it and their gamble paid off.  Even though they were unsure that the song could move beyond an album track from 2013's Fuse, they took the risk. The single went platinum and Keith received a plaque for it.

People Magazine reports that while on a party with songwriters Nicolle Galyon, Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins and some fans at Nashville on Monday to celebrate their victory however, noticeably absent by Keith's side is his wife, Nicole Kidman and his singing partner, Miranda Lambert.  Keith mentioned them on his message to his fans though.

"Nic is in New York making a movie so she couldn't be here, but she asked me to say hello to everyone," Urban told the crowd. "This song went No. 1 quite some time ago, and we spent a long time trying to get my schedule and Miranda's schedule synced up. We finally had to do [the party] without her." 

Miranda Lambert was also able to send in a warm video message to express her gratitude to the writers and Keith Urban for choosing her.

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