Keith Richards on The Rolling Stones Performance at Glastonbury: "Culmination of Our British Heritage" [VIDEO]

  on June 28 2013 1:27 PM

The world's greatest rock & roll band, The Rolling Stones, will headline Glastonbury at the Pyramid stage on Saturday night as part of their 50th anniversary tour.

Guitarist Keith Richards said, "It's almost like you're finally destined to play Glastonbury," speaking via a video released on their official YouTube Channel.

In their fifty years playing together as a band, The Rolling Stones have never played at Glastonbury until it was announced that they were scheduled to appear at this year's largest music festival in the world. Glastonbury is celebrating its 43rd year, which opened last June 26.

Festival organizer, Michael Eavis, has frequently insisted that The Rolling Stones are at the top of his wish list, but he didn't like the state of negotiations with the band's management. "I don't know why it doesn't move anywhere," he complained in 2011. "I hope it's not too late."

On the other hand, Mick Jagger contrarily insists that they have never been invited to play at the festival. The frontman recently admitted that he "had a lot of family and peer pressure to play this show."

His brother Chris lives at a farm near Glastonbury, who performed at the festival in 2011 with his blues band. Moreover, his daughters, jewellery designer Jade and model Elizabeth are regular attendees of the music festival and are friends with the Eavis family.

According to sources close to the band, The Rolling Stones "literally made the decision to do Glastonbury after leaving the stage for their first 50th anniversary show at the O2 Arena".

"There were many years we were offered it and turned it down. I look upon it as the culmination of our British heritage. It had to be done and it's gonna be done. We'll see what happens, "Richards said on the YouTube video.

In the same video, Jagger said "All my kids are going to be there so I'm going to be visiting them in the days before the actual show and they've got all sorts of activities lined up for me to do."

Watch the full video below:

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