Katy Perry's Date Riff Raff At MTV VMAs: Top 5 Things To Know About The Rapper

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Katy Perry
Considered the number 3 most hot woman in the world, singer Katy Perry is also known as Katherine Elizabeth Hudson. Reuters

Katy Perry attended MTV VMA with Riff Raff. The two were wearing matching outfits. The "Roar" singer brought Raff as her date to the star studded event on Sunday night. The duo were dressed in similar denim outfits.

For those who do not know much about Riff Raff, here are the top five things to know about him:

1.     The real name of Riff Raff is Horst Simco. As a teenager, Raff looked up to rapper Vanilla Ice and tried to learn from his slick dance moves, according to LA Weekly. He was the quiet kind, not the one to get into trouble, and also was not much into music. He took a fancy to basketball while growing-up. 

2.     Raff is a big fan of basketball and wants to be a part of all the celebrity games.

"I need to be in all the celebrity games, but unless people don't see that you got skills, nobody's gonna know!" He loves the sport so much that he is even working on creating his own line of sneakers, "They're gonna be some real, custom shoes that you gotta order 'em or you gotta catch 'em when they come out," the rapper said in an interview to Slam.

3.    Riff Raff is now known for his wild personality and his body is adorned with tattoos. Reportedly, as a young boy Raff was shy and timid. He mainly wore collared shirts and blue jeans at the time.

4.  Actor James Franco portrayed the character called Alien in "Spring Breakers," which is said to have been inspired by Riff Raff. The rapper sued the makers of the hit film for not giving him the compensation for Franco's portrayal of the character that was based on him, according to TMZ's report.

"I haven't been compensated for the Spring Breakers interactment [sic] with the James Franco and whatnot. We're seeking eight to 10 million right now. And what not," the rapper said to TMZ.

5.     Riff Raff is originally from Houston, Texas. He is currently associated with Soulja Boy's S.O.D. Money Gang Inc.

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