Katy Perry Talks on Her Career by Wardrobes and Her Oneness with the Songs

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For American singer and songwriter Katy Perry, her six years of exciting career is reflected in the wardrobes she wears and that the songs she wrote expressed the emotions that she honestly felt throughout her turbulent personal life.

The daring outfits she clad nowadays are very much a far cry from the bashful image she depicted when she first gained stardom in 2008 with her debut single "I Kissed a Girl".

In an interview with Daily Record, the superstar revealed that she fondly remembers every moment of her incredible career through the wardrobe diary she stores in her closet.  She said: "Actually, right now I'm going through my storage unit that houses all of my clothes and costumes from 2007 to 2011.I'm having a lot of flashbacks and nostalgia. I'm kind of shifting through it figuring out, what do I give away, what do I keep and do any of the outfits hold a purpose or strong memories."

The pastor's daughter who incorporated gospel music into her teen years, Ms. Perry had successfully stayed on top of her music genre. She is currently on a world tour for her latest album "The Prism" which has already raved close to three million sales in a span of three months. The first part of her world tour is on Nothern Ireland, Scotland, and United Kingdom with the kickoff at Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Wednesday, May 7.

"I'm very excited to be kicking off in the UK, because the audience there, the fans,  their energy is wild and that is what I want for the first shows. I want that wild energy," says Ms. Perry.

A self-confessed student of life and observer of life, Katy Perry revealed that she drew inspiration for her songwriting from her life journey translating the voice within and the experiences she had into the songs.

Although her failed marriage with Russel Brand had contributed to a darker version of the songs she wrote, the iconic pop singer's latest lbum showcased a dancey feel instead of a melancholic one.

"There's a variety of songs always in my records, because I feel quite a variety of emotions," Ms. Perry revealed. "It's a different type of song to write, as when you write about relationships you're either deeply in love or in the 'f**k you' stage or 'I'm doing great without you' stage. Rarely do you get a song that has a psychological depth about admitting your part."

The pop superstar treats her oneness with the songs she wrote as acceptance to her responsibility in a relationship that had gone doomed. "I think that people relate to the vulnerability and honesty I try to bring into the songs," she said.

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