Katy Perry Becomes Weathergirl For ‘Sunrise’, Praises Lorde and Disses Miley Cyrus’ Kiss [VIDEOS]


Katy Perry isn’t just in Australia to entertain, she’s also here to report the weather. The U.S. songstress became the weathergirl on “Sunrise” on Wednesday morning.

Perry is in the country for a quick promo tour for her upcoming concert tour in November. Instead of just blurting out dates and venues for her 2014 Australian Prismatic shows, she made herself more helpful by reporting the weather.

She has willingly done the weather-forecasting job when put on the stop by “Sunrise” presenters Sam Armytage and David Koch, confidently delivering the weather in the country.

“A few showers for Karns,” Perry started, pointing to Cairns.

She also adoringly turned Canberra into Koornabera, and Hobart into Hogwarts.

“And if you didn’t understand all this, I’m sure you have an app on your phone,” she quipped to the viewers.

She appeared to be startled when she was presented with her lifelike wax image from Madame Tussauds after she reported the weather.

“Her boobs are much bigger and we’re not the same looking. She’s very strange but I like her.”

Earlier, Perry proved that she’s a delightful guest on the show, making jokes and even referencing the crocodile-eating snake in Queensland that just recently made the news.

She also praised New Zealand’s Lorde, saying, “She’s very mature. She’s an old sage of sorts,” adding, “I do love Lorde.”

When Armytage pointed out that she’s the biggest female artist in the world, Perry disagreed, insisting that it’s Beyonce.

As for her controversial kiss with Miley Cyrus, Perry said she only meant to give her a “friendly, girly kiss,” but Cyrus went deeper so she pulled away.

“God knows where that tongue has been!”

She was coy when she was asked if she has a boyfriend, only answering a vague, “My fans are my boyfriend.”

Reports claim that she has split with boyfriend John Mayer, but there’s no confirmation yet from both sides.

Perry will be back in Australia in November for her tour.

She will be at the Perth Arena on November 7, at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on the 11th, Melbourne Rod Laver Arena on 14th and 15th, Sydney Allphones Arena on the 21s and 22nd, and at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on the 27th.

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