Katie Holmes Reawakens From Dry Spell, Does Not Blame Failed Marriage With Tom Cruise

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Actor Tom Cruise And  Katie Holmes
Actor Tom Cruise arrives with his wife Katie Holmes, who is holding their daughter Suri, at Narita International Airport March 8, 2009. Reuters

As busy as ever, "Dawson's Creek" icon Katie Holmes, bounced back from a dry spell with several upcoming films under her belt. In a recent magazine interview, Holmes revealed that she is not blaming her failed marriage to ex-husband Tom Cruise for her dry spell when she took a long sabbatical after giving birth to her daughter, Suri.

Gracing the cover of Dujour magazine for its fall issue, the 35-year-old stunner opened up about her career and bouncing back after a long break. Dubbed by the magazine as the actress' "reawakening," Holmes explained that was not ready to get back to work during her daughter's younger years and how he admired women who get back to work after weeks of giving birth.

"Even early on, when I was a young actor and all of a sudden people knew who I was, my dad told me, 'Do not let that change how you live your life.' I always sort of approached it that way. You have to continue to do the things you want to do and not let outside forces dictate you," revealed "The Giver" actress in an interview with the mag.

Fiercer than before, the actress look elegant in a gold heels and maroon pantsuit featuring a plunging neckline in one of the photos inside the magazine. Katie's cover photo features her in lacy thigh-skimming dress while reclining in an armchair as she talks about her fears of going back to work.

Now, being a stay-at-home-mom is over as she embarked on another chapter of her career where she is more comfortable than before. She claimed that she used to be anxious of getting a job but once she have it she is afraid of getting fired or not good enough for the role. But thanks for more life experience, the brunette starts to understand the art of storytelling and more confident with her skills.

Currently, learning to be more patient as she tries her luck in directing, Holmes also wants to go back in producing films as she enjoyed her first experience on 2010s "The Romantics." "I could rehearse for years," the actress added. "I love it. I have been doing this for a long time, but every experience is so different, based on whom you are working with. I always try to go into a project with a goal in mind of what I want out of it for myself, in terms of what I want to learn." 

Currently, living in New Work with her eight-year-old daughter, the actress will be seen in the upcoming films like "Mania Days" and "Woman In Gold" acting alongside with Ryan Reynolds.

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