Katherine Heigl Broke Because of “Diva” Attitude? Asking Fans to Donate for Her Film

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It is not likely for a popular Hollywood star to get penniless, but is it the case for Katherine Heigl? The actress who is pretty popular for her lead role in romantic comedies like "The Ugly Truth" and "27 Dresses" asked her fans to donate money to fund her film "Jenny's Wedding" through an international crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

Heigl is raising $150,000 for the film to make it in theatres, and the actress revealed that she is short of money as well.

"I haven't made that much in the past few years, man, I gotta support my family," she said when she was asked if she'd be willing to "fill in the extra amount" herself, a quote from Yahoo News. Heigl added that though she is strapped of cash she had done best in her work to portray her lesbian role well.

When TMZ asked Heigl on how the funding is going, the actress answered she don't know much well, but is hoping that her endeavour is doing well.

As of this date, Heigl's Indiegogo campaign has raised USD $32, 916. More than one-fifth of the amount to be raised. Funding duration started from February 11, 2014 to March 28, 2014, leaving the campaign with 30 days to accomplish its goal.

The actress had been reported to have troubles with her Hollywood career after leaving "Grey's Anatomy" and controversially called Judd Apatow's film sexist. Insiders say that Heigl has a "diva" attitude on set and is "demanding" and "not worth it," for giving people a hard time working with her.

Despite her past issues, Heigl's clip on the campaign shows her with a positive vibe. She is hopeful that the film will get the amount it needs to reach the big screen.

"Jenny's Wedding" directed by Mary Agnes Donoghue tells a story of a woman who troubled her old-fashioned family after confessing that she is gay and will be marrying her partner. The filming began in Cleveland on October 2013, but is still set on post-production.

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