Kate Upton’s Role in ‘The Other Woman’ Deemed as the Film’s ‘Weakest Link’; ‘Dumb Blonde’ Role Just Plain ‘Dumb’?

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Actress and model Kate Upton poses for photographers as she arrives for the UK Gala screening of The Other Woman in London
Actress and model Kate Upton poses for photographers as she arrives for the UK Gala screening of The Other Woman in London April 2, 2014. REUTERS

There are a number of Hollywood movies that has already incorporated the dumb blonde trick in an effort to sell their production even more. Some of the A-list Hollywood celebrities who had delved on such role include Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, Heather Graham, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton to name a few. Unfortunately, the dumb blonde roles in movies can be amusing, but at the same time, annoying for some people. Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton is the recent addition to the list of celebrities who played the role of a dumb blonde with her participation in the movie "The Other Woman." A critic who writes for The Washington Post wasn't pleased with Upton's performance in the said movie and even said that it was one of the film's "weakest link."

According to Ann Hornaday, it was awful to watch Upton's acting skills in the movie. She noted that Upton tried her best to deliver her lines but it just didn't work out well. "It was painful to watch Upton," Ms. Hornaday wrote. She added that the dumb blonde roles has somehow became a habit in some movies, which is true especially in movies that need a cheap laugh or movies that have weak storylines. "The Other Woman" is about a wife and mistress who teamed up together to plot their revenge on a womaniser.

"When someone of Upton's limited acting skill and experience plays the Dumb Blonde, the result is just, well, dumb." Read more of Ms. Hordanay's review here.

The New York Times reported that Upton's appearance in "The Other Woman" was merely just for "eye candy." "Amber (Upton) is crassly shoehorned into the movie to provide jiggling eye candy for boys."

Of course, not every critic is the same. San Francisco Chronicle's Mick Lasalle praised Upton in her performance in the movie. "Upton plays stupid so well that she must be smart," Lasalle wrote.

People have had a good laugh over dumb blonde movies. "The Other Woman," despite its mixed reviews from critics, still managed to top the box office. It has reportedly bagged $24.8 million on its opening weekend, better than Chris Evans' "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" at the second spot.


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