Kate Upton on Vanity Fair 100th Issue: The Sex Siren Poses Like Marilyn Monroe

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After being named the model of year, Kate Upton got an opportunity to pose for the 100th anniversary issue of Vanity Fair. The magazine's creative team let her pose like the sex goddess Marilyn Monroe, did she make the same effect?

In a vintage-style halter silver dress, Kate Upton looked at the top her game and paid homage to sexy screen siren. There have been many actresses who over the years have posed like Marilyn Monroe, but Kate had shown she has the looks, which Mario Testino captured very well.

Kate was even made to work out before the coveted photo shoot for Vogue.

Marilyn and Kate: Bombshells of Different Eras

Both Kate and Marilyn started their career as pin-up models and eventually got in to acting. Before her death Marilyn Monroe appeared in 29 films and Upton would soon be making her acting debut with Cameron Diaz.

Kate Upton confessed this year in her Vogue interview that she faced a lot of ups and downs and her road to the top was bumpy. Similarly Marilyn Monroe, who came from a foster home struggled in life before her Hollywood break came.

Kate Upton is being considered the sex siren of 2013. Marilyn Monroe was a major sex symbol during the late 1950s toward the 1960s.

Marliyn Monroe and Kate had that same lisp of blonde and dark blode hair.That same full, pouty lips that gave them the sultry look on their photographs.

In 1952, Marilyn posed nude for a calendar that rocked a conservative era. Kate Upton's bare breast horse video went viral a few months ago making her the talk of the town.

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