Kate Upton Snags Second 'Sports Illustrated' Cover

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She made her break when she graced the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. Now, Kate Upton is in for the second time.

It looks like Kate Upton is a Sports Illustrated favorite. Although there would  be a lot of other options for the magazine, they chose Kate Upton to appear on their cover for the second time. While most men are definitely thrilled to see her killer curves once again, some are saying that Upton is quite overrated.

A photo of the cover has already been leaked. This means that Sports Illustrated has officially delivered the cover.

For the coming issue, Kate Upton can be seen dressed in an unzipped eskimo jacket with only a bikini underneath. The backdrop was set in what looks like a chilly Antarctica with a caption that says "Kate Upton Goes Polar Bare."

In comparison to her Sports Illustrated cover before, a 20-year-old Kate looks more established now. Without a doubt, the model is a right choice to increase sales of the upcoming issue.

Kate Upton is now included in the list of women who have appeared several times in the sports magazine. Before her, models like Carol Murphy, Tyra Banks, Rebecca Romijn and Rachel Hunter. All in all, there are 11 models who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated twice.

According to Timothy Rapp of Bleacherreport.com, the Kate Upton's Sports Illustrated cover will be out on February 12. Kate Upton fans should definitely watch out for it.

After the big reveal, the American model excitedly posted a tweet about her recent cover. She said that she's been keeping it a secret for two months.

"We can finally talk about Antarctica!!!!!...Took us 2 months to thaw out," she posted on her official Twitter account.

Well, Kate Upton's career is getting better and brighter. Soon enough, she might be appearing on the big screen. Well that is, if she proves she's worthy of a script.

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