Kate Upton Says She Doesn’t Want Look Cheap

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Kate Upton
Kate Upton arrives for the 50 Years of Beautiful broadcast special show in Los Angeles [Reuters/David McNew] Reuters

How does someone define a cheap model? What makes a model look cheap? What makes a model really stand out in a crowd, even if there are tons of beautiful women around? For Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton, the trick is to set the limits. Even though she is wearing bikinis and almost baring her skin due to the demands of her career, the 21-year-old model wants to prove that there is a line between being called a little cheap as opposed to being sexy.

Speaking to Vogue, Kate revealed that she is extra careful when it comes to her job as a model because she doesn't want people to look at her as being cheap and cheesy. She also explained to the magazine that she always talk to her parents before she takes a job. However, Kate's decision to let her parents know about her job doesn't mean that she was asking for their permission. The model said that her parents understand the risks that she likes to take, even if it means posing sexy in pictorials.

"I like being sexy," Kate told the magazine. As much as she likes being sexy, she pointed out that she has limits too.

"Yes, I definitely have limits," she said. "But I never like to say never because I feel like I'm setting myself up," she added.

"There's a line between becoming, you know, a little cheap and cheesy versus being sexy, and I try to be careful on that line."

Read more of Kate's Vogue interview here.

According to Hello Magazine, Kate was initially rumoured to appear on the cover of the April issue of U.S. Vogue until the cover of the fashion journal was recently unveiled which featured Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.Vogue's communications director confirmed to E! Online that they never really had any commitment with Kate to make her on the cover. Nonetheless, the Vogue team stated that they were pleased to have Kate featured on their previous cover and inside the spreads of the said fashion journal. Vogue is still looking forward to featuring Kate in upcoming issues.

Though Kate didn't land on the front cover, she did a series of photo shoots that will be featured inside the latest issue.


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