Kate Upton Photoshop Disaster for Elle Magazine

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Actress and model Kate Upton poses for photographers as she arrives for the UK Gala screening of The Other Woman in London
Actress and model Kate Upton poses for photographers as she arrives for the UK Gala screening of The Other Woman in London April 2, 2014. REUTERS

Celebrities aren't perfect but often times, ordinary people look up to them in awe because of how they are seen on pictures with everything perfect - shape, skin, face, and hair. Because of this, celebrities often get some help from experts to fix their flaws through the use of technology. A digital nip and tuck would certainly make celebrities look prettier, sexier, and nearly perfect, but sometimes, it doesn't go quite as planned. Kate Upton is the latest victim of a photoshop disaster.

The hilarious fashion photo mishap shows Kate without an underarm, Scallywagandvagabond.com reported. The photo was featured on Elle Magazine, where Kate's trainer David Kirsch shared the tips and tricks on maintaining the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model's "sexy toned physique."

"Doesn't have an underarm because she's on David Kirsch's super charged diet and exercise regimen or under the auspices of Elle Magazine's editorial team who want to remind us that perfect women only exist when they photoshop you to oblivion," the Website wrote.

As the Web site puts it, it is interesting how the "fashion and media industry" alter pictures of celebrities, exclusively the female ones, making their waist trimmed down, their cellulites removed, their skin tone evened out, and their legs made slimmer just so they would appear as nearly perfect human beings.

"It is not the first time that Kate Upton has been photoshopped as the fashion and media industry continue to come to terms with how they present their preferred darlings and the awkward realities they sometimes come with."

Indeed, Kate's pictures have been photoshopped quite a few times in the past, most especially for her Sports Illustrated pictures, according to several reports. Huffington Post reported that Kate's cover for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2012 Issue. Famousplastic.com also posted retouched pictures of the blonde supermodel.

Kate is already beautiful pre-photoshop. She probably didn't choose or wouldn't have preferred to have her pictures altered altogether, don't you think? Kate is just one of the many celebrities whose pictures have been digitally altered.


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