Kate Upton & Marilyn Monroe: Striking Similarities Between ‘The Other Woman’ & The Ultimate American Sex Symbol

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Actress and model Kate Upton poses for photographers as she arrives for the UK Gala screening of The Other Woman in London
Actress and model Kate Upton poses for photographers as she arrives for the UK Gala screening of The Other Woman in London April 2, 2014. REUTERS

Kate Upton sizzled at the Dutch premiere of "The Other Woman" on Tuesday April 1. She stood out in her Christian Siriano outfit while she posed with her co-stars Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz.

E! Online reported that Upton looked like the modern version of Marilyn Monroe. Upton posed like the ever-alluring diva on the September cover of the Vanity Fair. Upton - with pink lips, smoky eyes and nude pumps - continued to resemble Monroe in her white strapless formfitting frock at the premiere in Amsterdam. When we dig further, we do find some of the uncanny similarities between the two actresses. The resemblance is so striking that one may wonder whether this has been a trick made in heaven. Here are some of the similarities.

Birth Number, Month & Zodiac

Both Monroe and Upton are number 1 people. While Monroe was born on the 1st day of the month, Upton was born on the 10th day. Both of them were born in June. Both belong to the same zodiac: Gemini.

The Blonde Connection

While Upton is naturally blonde, Monroe was not. She was a brunette before she decided to bleach her hair to golden. Monroe did so because the modelling agency she was working for wanted a blonde model. However, she became iconic after she became blonde.

Vital Statistics

Both Monroe and Upton are well-known for their voluptuous build. Both of them are considered as sex symbols. Upton's modelling profile says the she is 33-25-36. Monroe, on the other hand, was 36-24-37. Interestingly, both Upton and Monroe are worshipped for their famous bosom. Upton in bikini proved in The Other Woman trailer that she deserved every bit of appreciation. Monroe was pretty much aware of the attention her breasts drew. She even placed marbles in her bra to make them "point" at the admirers.

The Nudes

Both these gorgeous women posed nude in their career. Monroe was paid $50 for her first nude photo-shoot before she made it big in Hollywood. The nude photos were revealed later when she was a huge celebrity. She posed several times on high profile magazines like Life and Vogue. Upton's nude photo-shoot for Sports Illustrated became an instant hit. She also posed nude for GQ.

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