Kate Upton Gets Proposal Video From Senior High School Student: 'Will you go to Prom with me?' [VIDEO]

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We've seen this kind of method before, where someone makes a video and asks a celebrity to be his date to some fancy occasion. But will the charms of a senior high school student work on Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton?

A high school student from California is pushing all his luck by making a video to ask Kate Upton to be his Prom date. Jake Davidson's proposal video to model Kate Upton has become viral since it was posted online. Well, they don't necessarily run in the same circle nor have they met face to face but with just enough luck and maybe a couple thousand more views, he could get Kate's "yes."

Davidson made a two minute clip while citing many points of the many interests they have in common. He said that he reads Sports Illustrated and she models for Sports Illustrated. He also mentioned Kate's only an inch taller than he is and although he can't dance, he is a great admirer of Upton's "Cat Daddy" video that broke the internet last year.

Jake admits that he is currently single and doesn't have a special lady in his life but he remains optimistic about asking Kate Upton to be his Prom date.

"Great moments are born from great opportunity. And that is what you have here today. A chance to make a nice guy's senior year the best ever," he said quoting Kurt Russell in his movie "Miracle."

While Jake's hopes are up, there is no word yet from Kate Upton's Twitter account. If she decides then to join Jake for his Prom, Kate will be one of those celebrities to walk arm-in-arm with a "mere mortal."

Long before Kate Upton, Mila Kunis agreed to attend a Marines Corps Ball with Sgt. Scott Moore and Justin Timberlake joined Kelsy De Santis to a similar dance held in Virginia. Taylor Swift was another celeb to get a video invitation from a cancer-striken admirer but due to her schedule she wasn't able to be his date. However Taylor did invite him to come join her at an awards show.

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