Kate Upton Gets Marriage Proposal, What Would Boyfriend Justin Verlander Say About This?

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Kate Upton
Kate Upton arrives for the 50 Years of Beautiful broadcast special show in Los Angeles [Reuters/David McNew] Reuters

What would Justin Verlander do if he finds out that another guy proposed to his girlfriend Kate Upton? Well, Verlander didn't really go ballistic because the marriage proposal wasn't really real.

Verlander and Upton aren't really afraid to show the general public the real status of their relationship. After they were first seen watching a game of hockey in Philadelphia, Verlander and the 21-year-old Sports Illustrated model have had quite numerous outings subsequently.

On Friday, Verlander and Upton went out to watch the basketball game between the Orlando Magic and Oklahoma City Thunders, E! Online reported. When Verlander stepped away, Orlando Magic's Mascot, Stuff, seized the opportunity and asked Upton for her hand. The neon green dragon gave Upton a very large diamond ring.

Stuff's team defeated the Thunders by one point, 103 - 102.

Upton must've felt cheerful about Stuff's good-humored proposal because she later on thanked the dragon mascot on Twitter.

"Thanks @STUFF_mascot for the proposal tonight, great game," Upton posted a picture of her wearing the ring.

Stuff replied to Upton's post and seemed hopeful that the supermodel will really give a chance. "@KateUpton, she didn't say yes and she didn't say no, so you're saying there's a chance," Stuff tweeted.

Then, Verlander joined to conversation. "I was gone for five seconds," he tweeted.

Verlander and Upton never really made an official announcement about the real status of their relationship. Maybe they are more than just friends which should be fine. Verlander is single. Upton, on the other hand, is also single after she had split up with former beau Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

The mascot's antic of pulling a prank when Verlander went someplace and asked Upton's for her hand was adorable. Verlander will have to be careful next time because having a supermodel as a girlfriend means guys would be hitting on Upton all the time.

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