Kate Upton Dissed By Carol Alt For Having A Fat Body

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All is not well in Kate Upton's sexy and sultry universe.  The sports illustrated model was dissed by 53-year-model Carol Alt. Carol rose to fame in 80's after she posed for the annual issue of the "Galore". After that, Carol posed for more than 500 magazines.  She recently posed for Galore once again and dissed the scintillating Kate Upton by calling her "large size model."

She said to the magazine, "I think Kate is a product of great media hype. Without Sports Illustrated, I'm not sure she would've made it in the industry as a high fashion model. Because she is more of a large size model. And even if I've seen her in person, and I don't think she's in any way fat or overweight or anything. She is just more large-size than fashion models are," adding, "I think Kate is very good at hmmmm, how do I put it? She's engaging. She comes to the set prepared to work, and in a good mood, she engages her client, and she looks at herself as a business."

Carol further said, "To expand more on that thought, what I'm trying to say is: after she got herself into Sports Illustrated. She wasted no time. She put together a team of people: agents, managers & publicists that were ready to go regardless of whether or not she got the cover. They were willing to take the chance. Once she got the cover she was already in a position to move forward. Of course, the cover was just a fluke. Because nobody knows who gets the cover. But she looks at herself as a business, and I admire that."

And this is not for the first time Kate Upton has been criticized for her fat body.

Apparently, Upton's friends told her in 2012 that she is too fat for being the Sports Illustrated model and her boyfriend took someone else on a date on Valentine's Day.

What added more to the woes of model was Victoria's Secret casting director Sophia Neophitou statement regarding her image as a model. According to Omg!Yahoo.com Sophia said in 2012, "At the lingerie company would never use the curvy blonde bombshell in a fashion show, describing Kate as being like "a footballer's wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy."

All these disses came when Kate was still struggling her way up the ladder.  We wonder what they have to say now. What do you think Kate Upton as a model; is she fab or flab? Let us know.

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