Kate Upton Did Not Like Her Bikini Shoot in 'The Other Woman?' Find Out the Reason Why

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The busty supermodel Kate Upton has definitely captivated thousands of fans all over the world when she graced the covers of Sports Illustrated. Since then, Kate Upton has been the apple of the eyes of countless photographers as she donned a variety of skimpy designer swimsuits. Truly, Kate Upton has left little to the imagination with all of her work as a supermodel.

Despite gaining fame from her impeccable work in swimsuits, the sexy bombshell is said to not like the recent shoot she had in the movie "The Other Woman". The movie, which stars some of the biggest names in Hollywood such Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann an Kate Upton herself is about a movie about three women who develop an unlikely friendship brought about by a man they are all involved with. "Game of Thrones" star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau portrays the philandering husband.

In one bikini scene, Kate Upton had to frolick in the beach which just a skimpy white bikni for her first role as an actress in the movie.

"It was funny because when we were filming that scene, you know, whenever you go to a beach, everyone's wearing bikinis so it's just pretty normal. It's just part of life," the Sports Illustrated model said during an interview on "Good Morning America."

"But when you're filming a bikini scene, nobody's wearing a bikini. It's only you and 60 crew members," the model added. The model further gushed about how supportive her co-stars Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann were during the uncomfortable bikini scene.

"These two saw that I was feeling a little uncomfortable-because anyone's uncomfortable when that many people are staring at you-but these two came and ran beside me offscreen," Kate Upton revealed during the interview. "I've never had support like that before and it was just so amazing that I got that on my first film experience." The supermodel added.

Looks like Kate Upton might definitely make a shift in her career due to her wonderful experience taping "The Other Woman" movie. Upton has since then maintained that she considers her co-stars her "close friends."  

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