Kate Upton Demands More Attention for Her Butt, Explicit Sports Illustrated Video Captures Her Wild on Beach

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U.S. actress Upton arrives on the red carpet to promote the movie "The Other Woman" in Munich
U.S. actress Kate Upton arrives on the red carpet to promote the movie "The Other Woman" in Munich April 7, 2014. The film premieres in Germany on May 1, where it is known as "Die Schadenfreundinnen". REUTERS/Michaela Rehle

No matter how much Kate Upton's breasts are appreciated, she is not ready to settle for less. She feels that there are more about her that needs to be appreciated. Upton [Image] says that her rear is badly neglected. Demanding more attention for her butt, she appears to be on a mission to get her rear the "attention it deserves."

The latest Sports Illustrated video shot in Cook Islands shows Upton in totally new avatar. While she thanks the magazine for allowing her to shoot on a beach once again, she quips that S.I. likes her again; TMZ reported. Upton is seen in quite a playful mood in the video, even in a loose-fit peach-coloured top that in the early morning that showcased her breasts. She is apparently beaming in joy as she allows viewers taking a sneak peek at his widely-admired body in a fluorescent yellow bikini. While she moves around wrapped in a green towel, she suddenly decides to remove the towel and give a visual treat to her admirers.

The 21-year-old beauty wants the world to know that her derriere is as classy as her massive natural bosom. The Daily Star reported that Upton was very annoyed that her "voluptuous rear" was being ignored while she gets ready for the photo-shoot. The assistants keep playing with Upton bikini by strategically touching it while she is wearing it and she appears to enjoy it. Then she shows her haunches smudged in sand and there comes a cheer. Upton removes her bikini top with ease and covers her famous bust with her hand. 

Upton was visibly annoyed that she was not getting enough attention for her rear. She complained that her butt would generally not get that much attention. "So I think this shot will get it the attention it deserves," she pushed her butt out while she said it. No one complained anyway.

Watch the video HERE.

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