Kate Middleton's Nurse Suicide Prank: Mel Greig Says Royal Prank Made her Feel Like the Worst Person

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In December 2012, Australian co-hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian played a royal prank when Kate Middleton was hospitalized for morning sickness. The hosts impersonated Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles and called a nurse at the hospital. The prank went global and three days later the nurse hung herself to death.

The nurse's name was Jacintha Saldanha and she left three suicide notes. In one of the suicide notes she wrote: "I hold the radio Australians Mel Greig and Michael Christian responsible for this act. Please make them pay my mortgage".

In her recent interview on Seven's Sunday Night, Greig admitted that she felt ashamed of herself for the fact that the prank was played, reported News.com.au

"I should have tried harder not to let that prank call air. It never should have aired."

Greig further threw light on the royal prank and suggested that few minutes after the prank was recorded, she had requested her bosses to disguise the voice of the nurse and stop the prank from going on air, but reportedly her request was not considered.

"It just didn't seem right that we would broadcast that without permission," said Greig further about the prank in her interview, adding," I just remember myself laughing thinking how funny it was because it had worked. And then smart Mel kicked in soon after that going, 'hang on this isn't right'. I feel disgusted in myself listening back to it."

Greig came to know about Saldanha's death from the latter's boyfriend and later Saldana's mother started receiving death threats.

Greif further suggested in her interview that she felt like a worst person alive. After the prank scandal, Greig remained unemployed for 15-months, reported News.Com.au.

Greig took to Twitter on June 1 after the interview was aired to express her gratitude for letting the world know her side of story.

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