Kate Middleton’s New ‘Do’: With Bangs vs. No Bangs [PHOTOS]

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The Duchess of Cambridge has already made a name for herself as a fashion icon. Now that Kate Middleton opted for a new look, are the rest of the fashionistas ready to be 'swept' away?

Kate Middleton steps out in a new "do." But although critics say that her new side swept fringe is ageing her, the rest of the ladies have already copied the look.

Salons in UK and in New York are overwhelmed with clients walking in and phoning to get what they call "Kate Middleton bangs." According to DailyMail, The Duchess' patrons are arriving with pictures of Kate's breezy bangs in their hand.

"There has absolutely been a surge in demand for long bangs. Designers have been showing a lot of retro Seventies looks and they are a great match," Mordechai Alvow, who is Ivanka Trump's, hair stylist said.

"Kate's bangs are angled towards the end of the eyebrows framing her face beautifully which is a more Seventies look," he continued.

Although Kate's new hairstyle have gathered many raves, there are still those who prefer her previous look. No bangs, just wavy and effortlessly bouncy hair.

Kate Middleton managed to show off her new trendy hairdo when she attended the opening of "National History Museum's Treasures" exhibition in London on Tuesday night of last week. She looked even more "vintage" as she paired her ne "do" with a green dress that looked like it belonged to the 70's.

While there is no denying that The Duchess of Cambridge has a lot of followers when it comes to fashion, does she look better with bangs? Or no bangs?

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