Kate Middleton's Favorite Bags and Totes [PHOTOS]


The Duchess sure has her choice when it comes to handbags, clutches, and totes, and here are her top 5 favorites.

1.       Longchamp 'Le Pliage Large' Tote Bag

Kate Middleton Carrying a 1. Longchamp 'Le Pliage Large' Tote Bag | Source: Coolspotters

While still studying with the Prince at St. Andrew's University in Scotland, the Duchess always sported this casual-yet-elegant bag. Since it's affordable and available in many colors, fans can mimic this look by visiting any store that sells Longchamp merchandise.

2.       Cath Kidston Holdall Bag

Kate's Cath Kidston Holdall Bag | Source: Coolspotters

This cutesy polka dot bag has a luggage has tons of storage for ladies on the go. It was said that this bag was one of the Duchess' carry-on bag during their North American tour around Canada and the United States. The Duchess must have placed so many designer items and accessories in it!

3.       Emmy Carole Clutch

Kate holding an Emmy Carole Clutch | Source: Coolspotters

This simple and dainty choice is perfect for formal gatherings such as weddings or formal dinners. The Duchess is always seen carrying this piece for her public appearances, especially when in the company of other royals and ladies. One example is during the Order of the Garter parade just months after marrying Prince William.

4.       Mulberry Polly Push Lock Bag

Kate Carrying a Mulberry Polly Push Lock Bag | Source: Fashioninyear.com

Seen carried by the Duchess during one of her official appearances, this is a versatile choice especially for busy women. This bag will go great for office-bound fashionistas and trendy corporate girls who are in for a bag treat. This elegant carry-all would look great for power meetings or high-profile office events.

5.       Longchamp Legende Patent Shopper

Kate with Longchamp Legende Patent Shopper | Source: Coolspotters

Before the Royal Wedding, the Duchess was always spotted with her black Legende Patent Shopper bag in to go with her party ensemble and day looks. This kind of simplicity mixed with elegance would work well with any kind of style-- whether you're into pretty, frilly dresses or leather jackets and spiked boots.

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