Kate Middleton's 'Bare Bum' Photo Published in German Publication: Twitter Reactions and Comparisons to Pippa Middleton's Famous Back

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The duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middelton is prone to controversy. Since her return from three-week New Zealand-Australia tour she has hit the headlines for an unceremonious picture, which showed her skin when a gust of wind caught her skirt. The German tabloid called, Bild am Sonntag, has published the photos of Middleton's "bare bum" and it ran the pictures along with Khloe and Kim Kardashian's carved bottoms with a caption: "Khloe, Kim and Kate - backsides which have moved us these past few days."

As reported earlier, the photo of the princess are being considered a breach of privacy and was sold to the highest bidder when a British newspaper refused to print it.  The newspaper has laced the picture with uncouth language, which reads as follows.

"Thank the wind for the insight into the royal household. The royal helicopter rotor blades swirled up the air so that Kate's summer dress began blowing upwards - affording us a glimpse of her beautiful bum. Never have we been so thankful to a helicopter for creating such a wind," reported NZHerald.

Twitter is ablaze with reactions since foreign press has released the photo. Some of the reactions are as follows:

Simon Denness ‏@sdenness2000  wrote: "Paparazzi snap Kate Middleton's bare Bum - press outrage!! Can't help sniggering that it took place in Australia's Blue Mountains"

Tony Smollett ‏@tonescotland wrote: "In my view,photographer is just rude,if it was his mum he would delete it,however attention consequence of Royal PR"

such gus ‏@anguswow  wrote: "Kate Middleton's encounter with an Aussie bum in speedos doesn't appear to have upset white media like the powhiri did. Funny. That."

Moreover, sources have further claimed that Middleton's butt is also being compared to her sister Pipa Middleton's famous butt.

According to Daily Star (via Express.co.uk) a source said: "Poor Kate. Even though, for once, it's her bum everyone's talking about and not her sister Pippa's, it would cause huge embarrassment and if this photo got out."

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