Kate Middleton’s ‘Bare Bottom’ Published by Australian Paper

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Britain's Prince William And His Wife Catherine, The Duchess Of Cambridge, Arrive With Their Son Prince George At Sydney Airport April 16, 2014.
Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, arrive with their son Prince George at Sydney Airport April 16, 2014. Britain's Prince William, his wife Kate and their son Prince George flew from New Zealand to Australia, where they will now spend nine days touring the country. Reuters/Phil Noble Reuters

Kate Middleton’s exposed bum has come to Australia. Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph has refused to follow the UK media’s lead not to post a revealing picture of the Duchess of Cambridge, even blaming her for failing to “protect her own modesty.”

German newspaper Bild has posted a shot of Kate’s skirt blowing in the wind, revealing her “bare bottom” in Australia. The photo, which also sees her husband Prince William by her side as they were leaving a helicopter, was posted along with another picture of Kate in 2011 in Canada, in which her blown skirt also revealed her behind.

The photos sparked criticisms, with some blaming Kate for her seemingly lack of care for her modesty, while others questioning the paper’s decision to run the photos.

The UK media decided not to publish the photos; hence, they were sold overseas.

Australian newspapers and magazines also avoided the photos, but one newspaper refused to follow the media’s “antiquated code of etiquette.”

The Daily Telegraph, a local paper owned by Rupert Murdoch, posted the photo in a piece titled, “Why should the media stick to an antiquated code of etiquette when Kate doesn’t bother to protect her own modesty?”

“Why would the cheeky French, German and American media, with no Commonwealth ties to Britain, be expected to honour such an antiquated code of etiquette? Why should the media be responsible for turning a blind eye when the royals aren’t always vigilant about keeping themselves nice?” writer Annette Sharp wrote.

She argued that the case in 2012 when Kate was photographed sunbathing topless in France is different from the bum exposé because the latter was taken at a public property. The topless photos were discreetly shot from a private estate by Closer magazine.

“But when she is on a public street and her dress blows up again and again, surely the lesson is the media can only turn a blind eye for so long.

“If the Duchess can’t be bothered protecting herself by having hem weights sewn into her garments, why should the media protect her?”

Clarence House has not commented on the publication of the photos.

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