Kate Middleton's Bare Bottom Photo Is Pro-Charity

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Kate Middleton made headlines when a photo of her bare bottom landed on a German tabloid, Bilde.de. The tabloid ran a story on sisters Khloe and Kim Kardashian and on Kate Middleton with the caption "Khloe, Kim and Kate - butts which have moved us these past few days." It showed a photo of the sisters' butts and apparently Kate and her bare bottom (see photo from Bilde.de).

There were some heavy winds when Prince William and wife Kate Middleton were out and about in Australia in April during their Australian tour. Unluckily, a gust from a chopper's blades reportedly lifted Kate's dress to reveal her bottom (photo). According to Daily Mail, a passing amateur Australian photographer managed to capture Kate and her bare bottom in all its glory. It was unclear in the revealing photo whether she was wearing underwear. However according to Amanda Platell of Daily Mail, it looked like she may have been wearing a thong thin enough to make a cheese cutter wince.

The photographer Diane Morel, who is also a travel agent for Blue Mountains, told Daily Telegraph that she didn't even realize that she had captured a photo of Kate with her bare bottom. "It wasn't until I got home and I popped my camera card into the computer that I realised what I had captured," she said. She had almost deleted the picture, when she realized that she could use it for charity. Morel said Kate Middleton and Prince William spent so much time talking to the victims of the bushfires that she decided she would sell the picture and donate the proceeds to the "Blue Mountains Bushfire Mayoral Relief Fund."

The photo of Kate and her bare bottom was refused for publication by British magazines and newspapers. Thus it was sold overseas in a frantic bidding war, according to Pagesix. It was sold for an unknown price, and German tabloid Bilde.de apparently won the bid.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have yet to release an official statement on the scandalous picture. However, speculations have risen that surely the royal family will be furious, since this is not the first time that revealing photos of Kate have surfaced online. In 2012, a French magazine named Closer published a photo of a topless Kate Middleton while on a yacht in a private property in Southern France. The photographer and editor were charged. It is unclear whether Morel will also be charged since she had claimed to have sold the photo of Kate's bare bottom for charity. There has been no word as well confirming if "Blue Mountains Bushfire Mayoral Relief Fund" did indeed receive any charity amount from the sold photo.

Source: Youtube/Fox News

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