Kate Middleton’s 70’s Style: Fashion Hit or Miss? [PHOTOS]

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Kate Middleton has millions of fans on her tail and whatever new look she tries on, a lot of them are sure to follow. And while she is embracing her 70's style, are people marking it as a hit? Or a miss?

The Duchess of Cambridge is sporting her new fresh bangs and the rest of the fashion world is undecided whether they love it or hate it. Being a famous icon in fashion, whatever she wears will be copied instantaneously. But does the same go with her hair style?

To match her 70's look, she dressed up in what looks like it was taken from grandma's closet. At the opening of London's Natural History Museum, she wore a green, conservative dress that was buttoned all the way up to her neck.

"Kate's iconic cascade of curls get a modern update with the addition of a softly sculpted angled fringe that blends perfectly into her long layers," Oprah's favorite stylist, George Gonzales, said.

"The staple of this style is of course the bang. The key to re-creating this is having your stylist cut an angled fringe with some of the sections skimming the tip of the nose in order to have the hair long enough to effortlessly sweep the fringe to one side. To soften this otherwise blunt edge when first cut, make sure your stylist 'chips' into the hair with the tips of the scissors," he added.

And since winter season is coming, it's also a time for the Duchess of Cambridge to dress up in coats and more "covered up" outfits. Is she doing a good job at this department? Some say that the Kate's recent choices for wardrobe have made her look so much older than she actually is.

Although the Duchess loves her new fringe and her temporary shift in fashion, the rest of her critics are not convinced.

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