"Kate Middleton For The Win" Funny Memes: The Duchess' Snobby Socialite Side [PHOTOS]


Hilarious memes of the Duchess of Cambridge are providing "royal laughs" for Internet users worldwide in a Tumblr account specially dedicated to Kate Middleton with "snobbish princess" captions.

Just when the world thought Kate Middleton couldn't be possibly be the snobbish Duchess, comedienne Anne Clark created a Tumblr website that features famous snaps of Kate with "primadonna" captions to match her motions. 

Already boasting a huge following, "Kate Middleton For The Win" rubs the idea that Catherine has the perfect princess life, and that the rest of the world is jealous with her looks and status. All purely for fun and not to be taken seriously, the memes have been getting quite the popularity across Tumblr ansd other social media sites.

Clark, a comedian based in New York, also jokingly spoke about what she thinks a pregnant Catherine does now that she is slightly steering away from the limelight.

"I imagine she spends her secreted-away pregnant time applying moisturizer, brushing her hair, engaging in human sacrifice to ensure her unborn child's perfection, and ignoring texts from Kim Kardashian because, please" says Clark in a post by Vanity Fair.

In one meme, the Duchess is shown stepping out of a car with the caption "Tell me I did not just step on concrete" in all caps.

View the slideshow for more Kate Middleton funny memes. You can also Visit the official Kate Middleton For The Win website.

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