Kate Middleton Will Get Pregnant Soon, 'Confirms' Royal Astrologer --- Report

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Britain's Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge Arrives At Bletchley Park Near Milton Keynes In Southern England
Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrives at Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes in southern England June 18, 2014. The Duchess of Cambridge visited the recently restored site where British codebreakers worked during World War II to decipher encrypted messages sent by the Germans. REUTERS/Toby Melville

Kate Middleton's rumoured pregnancy has been a hot media topic since Jessica Hay "confirmed" the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. Reports have pointed to Kate wearing loose-fitting clothes to reportedly hide a baby bump while making sure to cover it with a small purse whenever she's in public. Now the astrologer to the royals has "confirmed" that Kate Middleton may soon get pregnant.

Princess Diana's former astrologer, Penny Thornton, has revealed to People that "baby number two isn't so very far away" for Kate Middleton and Prince William.

In line of the upcoming July 22 birthday of Prince George, the astrologer read up the toddler's stars to see what awaits him in the future. Her first reveal points to Kate Middleton's rumoured pregnancy.

"The first big thing that is going to happen to him is the arrival of a new baby brother or sister which will almost certainly be next year," she said.

Being a big brother will ultimately be a big challenge for the toddler since it would reportedly make him lose his respected position as royal baby number one. However Thornton claimed it would not be a problem for Prince George since even at such a young age he is already showing signs of confidence.

"We can see he is a charming and outgoing little person," she said.

Sticking to Kate Middleton's rumoured pregnancy, Penny Thornton revealed a new brother or sister will be a big challenge for the royal baby. 

"His first big challenge will appear when baby number two arrives," Thornton said.

"And that isn't so very far away," she added.

Penny Thornton's revelations may be regarded as a confirmation to Kate Middleton's rumoured pregnancy. "Isn't so very far away" could mean "the now" rumoured pregnancy as what the Medias are speculating or Kate Middleton may indeed get pregnant sometime in the next few months.

Additionally, Thornton claimed being a big brother will unlikely bring out tantrums from Prince George. He is said to "continue to put his little foot down."

IBTimes previously provided possible evidences "confirming" Kate Middleton's rumoured pregnancy. Aside from wearing loose-fitting dresses to cover up a growing baby bump, bookies have been all over the news with a betting odd of 8-11.

The Duchess has also changed her hairstyle reportedly to hide a fuller face brought on by her pregnancy.

However the palace has yet to release any formal announcement regarding Kate Middleton's rumoured pregnancy. The royal couple has also remained silent on this matter.

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