Kate Middleton Wears Diana’s Jewels for Australian Visit

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The Cambridge Emeralds were now handed to Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, to be worn for her trip Down Under. The collection of Indian gems were given as a gift to the Royals in 1911. Through the decades, generation of Royal used the gems - from Queen Mary to The Queen Mother and then to the Queen, to Diana and now to Kate.

Wearing these jewels made Kate's visit to the country a complete "remake" of Diana's visit to Australia back then.

For a complete Royal makeover, the Queen assigned her very own personal dresser, Angela Kelly, for her Australian trip. Ms Kelly was particularly instructed by the Queen to assist Kate in choosing additional jewellery to be worn. For the additional gemstones, the Queen allowed Kate to choose from her very own collection of gems.

The Queen believed that her pieces will create a total shift of Kate's High Street aura to High End, timeless Royal elegance, without having to sacrifice Kate's own aura of freshness and candidness.

Ms Kelly was believed to be the only person credible to dress up Kate as she had already did with the Queen for the past 20 years now, mostly, for the queens tours abroad.

"Angela has been asked to start selecting jewels ahead of the trip," a Palace source told Daily Mail.

"She knows most of the pieces in the Queen's private collection. Her understanding is crucial because this trip will be about Kate appearing more Royal than ever...," the source told the Daily Mail.

Ms Kelly had also chosen a diamond and ruby brooch shaped of a hibiscus flower, an unofficial emblem of Australia, to give honor to the country. The brooch was given as a gift to the Queen Mother by the Australians in 1958.

Also, as an alternative, Kate will be bringing the Queen's wattle brooch. This brooch was designed with a yellow and white diamond, fashioned with wattle flowers, mimosa leaves and tea tree blossom. This brooch was also Australia's present to Her Majesty in 1954 during her Coronation Tour.

For a total princess look, Kate will wear different tiaras borrowed from the Queen's own tiara collection. Kate particularly eyed the Cartier halo tiara which she already wore during their wedding and the Queen's personal favourite tiara as worn during a diplomatic visit in 2013.

As for her wardrobe, Kate will now be wearing dresses with longer hemlines to avoid fashion faux pas.

Kate is known to change dresses four times a day. For this, she made her own choosing of favourite designers - Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley.

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