Kate Middleton Warns Pippa to Stay Away from James Matthews Because of Cokehead Brother, Spencer [PHOTOS]


Recent reports suggest that Pippa Middleton is dating the older brother of 'Made In Chelsea' star, Spencer Matthews, and it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge is not too happy about it.

The younger Middleton has always been known to have her way when it comes to men and partying, and just like any other older sister, Kate is worried that she might be involving herself with reckless people. According to reports, Kate Middleton has warned her sister to stay away from the older brother of Spencer Matthews, whom she is currently dating.

Sources say that Spencer Matthews, a banker and a reality star, is apparently addicted to cocaine. Even if James hasn't been tipped or seen meddling with the drug, the Duchess is afraid that it might not be long until Pippa and James are tainted with the kind of bad publicity Spencer is bringing.

"Kate's told Pippa before that she needs to think very carefully about how her actions reflect on her and the Royal Family. She's now telling people she might have to distance herself from Pippa if she won't listen." said a source to Now Magazine as reported by EntertainmentWise.com.

In a separate report by The Sun, an eyewitness claims that Spencer Matthews snorted cocaine at a private party.

"Spencer was machining it up, I saw him do six to eight lines. He snorted so much he went absolutely mental. He was talking a mile a minute." claims the source.

"I couldn't believe it. He was doing it in front of strangers. He didn't care who saw," added the source.

Just recently, Pippa was reported to have started a vocal altercation with a British socialite and supermodel, Edie Campbell after hearing that the model is talking down on her book.

What could be the reason behind all the negative publicity that Pippa is entangling herself with? Could it be a form of rebellion and retaliation after her sister's husband, Prince William, cancelled her US tour?

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