Kate Middleton Wants Mum Carole To Become Nanny and Move-In After Birth [PHOTOS]

  on January 30 2013 12:00 PM

The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge is willing to pass on hiring an official nanny and ask her mother, Carole Middleton, to move-in with her and William to help out in caring for the royal heir.  

6 months until a new prince or princess will be born, Kate Middleton has reportedly asked mother, 57-year-old Carole, to move to the palace so she can care for her future grandchild. It has also been said that Catherine does not plan to hire or take the palace's offer for a "childminder" and wishes to raise her child the traditional way.

A friend of the Duchess, Jessica Hays, spoke once more about intimate details of William and Kate's baby plans and how they are reacting to struggles as early as now.

"Kate and William are both pretty terrified about the rest of the pregnancy after the hyperemesis." said Hays to Mirror.co.uk. The Duchess was diagnosed with an acute morning sickness ailment last month and was treated for several days in the hospital.

"Carole may even move in with them when the baby's born so they don't have to rely on a nanny." claims Hays in the same report. In a separate report, Jessica ensured Catherine's positive disposition despite getting frustrated with her nausea and other sicknesses that go with getting pregnant.

"But all in all Catherine's very happy. With so much family around her and William they're starting to enjoy the pregnancy after such a traumatic start." Said Hays in a report. It has been said that Catherine is undergoing hypnotherapy and yoga to reduce thoughts that egg her to vomit.

"After the hyperemesis Kate was throwing up every 10 seconds. She still looks at food and feels nauseous. Catherine has that feeling you have when you've had food poisoning and your stomach's shrunk - she finds it hard to eat a full meal and gets very full quickly." added Hays, describing Catherine's difficult situation.

Carole has a business of her own and has successfully maintained their family's party-planning and souvenirs business, "Party Pieces." Carole has worked as a flight stewardess in British Airways in the past, and surely knows how to care for a newborn child. She has two lovely girls all grown up and it will be a great experience for any woman her age to care for such an important and well-loved heir.

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