Kate Middleton Visits another Topshop Store, Shopper Nearly Faints [PHOTOS]

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The Duchess has visited another Topshop store for some retail therapy, and a fan standing next to her almost fainted with surprise.

Being the "practical Duchess" that she is, Kate Middleton opted for another round of retail therapy at the nearest Topshop, where a fellow shopper almost fainted because of too much excitement. According to a report, Middleton visited a Topshop branch near her Royal residence on Sept. 27. The Duchess bought a bright blue velvet trimmed jacket and a black and green polka dotted skirt, which she fitted all by herself without the assistance of anyone.

According to eye witness reports, Middleton opted to wait in line to pay for the items she intended to buy, and used a silver VISA and her rewards card, just like any shopper would do. In a funny twist of coincidence, the shopper behind the Duchess was a blogger named Ashlin, who's in charge of the look book website "GetWhatKateWore.com." In her blog, Ashlin wrote a dramatic-yet-vivid recall of her close encounter with the famous royal.

"I'm happy to appreciate the moment and let her feel like she is just one of us! Although I would have loved to ask her if she got the bracelet I had made for her to commemorate her first official royal tour to Canada and which I gave to William to give to her on Canada Day!" wrote the blogger as reported by Ology.com

"While I lined up for over 24 hours behind barricades to see Kate and William on Parliament Hill for Canada Day Celebrations on their Royal Tour, here I was standing directly behind her. No barricades, no camping out for day. (I was) so close I could see her cards in her wallet!" added Ashlin in the same post. Also, the clerks from the store said they were "impressed" how "sweet" Middleton was, which didn't surprise many since The Duchess is famous for her gracious personality.

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