Kate Middleton U.S. Vogue Cover Unlikely to Happen Soon [PHOTOS]

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Contrary to popular belief, it looks like Anna Wintour won't be expecting Kate Middleton on the cover of U.S. Vogue anytime soon.

Altough Wintour is used to getting what she wants for U.S. Vogue, it seems like she'll have to wait to nab the future Queen on her cover. Reports have been surfacing saying Wintour is negotiating with photographer Mario Testino to convince the Duchess, Kate Middleton, to appear on the cover of U.S. Vogue as soon as possible. But although Testino has formed a close bond to the Royal Family, it seems Wintour's powers can't penetrate the Royal responsibilities and conservatism of the Duchess.

"There are no plans for the Duchess to do anything with U.S. Vogue" said the Palace's spokesperson to People Magazine. Currently, Middleton is busy grooming her skills and knowledge with tutorials from some of the world's best social, media, and government instructors around the world. This is to prepare the Duchess for her future solo appearances so she can handle herself well under the intense scrutiny of the media.

 It has also been said that the future Queen is focusing on which charities she'll support and promote more over her fashion appearances and the like. The Palace has already scheduled a "once-a-month" appearance for Middleton because of the intense training she is going through right now.

In a report by the NYmag, it was stated that it took 12 years for Princess Diana to appear on U.S. Vogue, after she and Prince William split in 1993. The Duchess has already declined an invitation from U.S. Vogue to appear for their wedding issue (right before her wedding to Prince William in April). If the Duchess decides to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine, it will surely be for British Vogue first, with a feature that will promote the charities and goodwill she's involved with rather than what she wears and her sense of style. 


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