Kate Middleton Reportedly Criticised by Queen Elizabeth For Overspending

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Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrives at Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes in southern England June 18, 2014
Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrives at Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes in southern England June 18, 2014. The Duchess of Cambridge visited the recently restored site where British codebreakers worked during World War II to decipher encrypted messages sent by the Germans. REUTERS

Kate Middleton is once again criticised by Queen Elizabeth. This time it's not because of her wardrobe malfunction but due to her excessive spending.

A source told Life and Style that Kate Middleton is being slammed by the Queen for overspending on the renovations for Anmer Hall. The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly spent $2.5 million for the estate's new roof tiles. The sitting room in Anmer Hall and its fresh landscaping was also worth $800,000.

"The Duchess also shopped around for new fireplaces and William's grandma isn't happy," the source said.

Queen Elizabeth II is "famously careful about not being flashy," the source said, adding she was reportedly stunned at Kate's overspending. She thought spending millions for a house renovation does not make the Duchess nor the royals look good to the public.

Kate Middleton and Prince William were previously reported having plans of leaving their apartment in Kensington Palace for the peaceful and quiet setting of Anmer Hall to raise their son Prince George.

According to Royal Expert Yvonne York, Anmer Hall gives the royal couple "a lot of privacy."

But it was against the Queen's wishes that the royal couple move into the country estate, since it is two-and-a-half hours away from Buckingham Palace and the royal family.

"The Queen feels it's important for William, Kate and [Prince] George to be based in London. But Kate is completely going against her wishes," the source said.

Currently, it seemed the royal couple may not be moving to Anmer Hall at all.

In a previous report by IBTimes, the couple will remain at their 21-room apartment in Kensington Palace until Prince William is given the title of "Prince of Wales."

A senior royal aide said Kensington Palace will be Kate Middleton's and Prince William's "home for many years to come, "including when William becomes "Prince of Wales."

The couple reportedly spent around £4 million of government money (equivalent to $6,807,980) to refurbish their apartment in the Palace. So it would be a waste of the public's money and work put into the renovation, if Kate Middleton and Prince William ever decide to leave for Anmer Hall.

Source:YouTube/ Newsloop Entertainment

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