Kate Middleton And Prince William 'Marriage in Trouble', Kate's Bare Bum Scandal as Reason


Kate Middleton and Prince Harry are reported to be going through a rough patch since the former's bare bum scandal. Celebrity Laundry cited a statement from not-so-reliable source suggesting Will was extremely upset with Kate for getting caught in another naked picture scandal.

"He knows [as we know] that she could have easily prevented the situation by weighting down her dress, or wearing appropriate underwear. But she did not, and the royals once again have to deal with a potentially messy public situation," the source said.

Middleton's unceremonious photo was taken when she was on New Zealand-Australian tour. The photo was taken when Middleton's skirt caught air and exposed her back.

It was reported Middleton was not making many public appearances with William. She was not at the scene during the Charity polo match this weekend where William participated. Celebrity Laundry also reported Prince William is moving like his father. Apparently, the way Prince Charles got involved in an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles outside marriage, William was alleged to be also on a look out for another woman.

This was not the first time that Harry has been linked to other woman. As per Web site reports, Will went on a hunting trip with a woman called Jecca Craig in January 2013. Craig was reported to be William's ex-girlfriend.

Though there is no validity to these rumors, Middleton's bare bum scandal has indeed created a stir in the country.

Meanwhile, Middleton recently angered the celebrities for going to the Dorchester Hotel. The hotel is currently embroiled in controversies due its owner Sultan of Brunei who has passed anti-gay laws in the country.

Regarding Middleton's decision to go to the hotel Maryam Namazie, founder of the Council for Ex-Muslims, told HuffPost UK. "It's particularly offensive when it is done by those in the public eye like the Duchess of Cambridge, who should be setting an example rather than ignoring."

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