Kate Middleton and Prince William to Become Next Queen and King of England? Coronation Date Already Set By Dying Queen Elizabeth-Report

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People around the world are eager to know who would be the next queen and king to the throne of England after Queen Elizabeth. Speculations are running wild and media outlets are constantly contemplating whether Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles will be given the most coveted status or Kate Middleton and Prince William will be adorning the crowns.

Latest updates on royal family suggest that the 87-year-old Queen Elizabeth's health is now deteriorating. Keeping that in mind, a heating debate is speculated in the royal family. Traditionally it should be Prince Charles who must be given the place of the King of England after Queen Elizabeth. But rumor has it that Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the favored candidates to the throne of England.

While no official word has been given out by the royal family representatives, a report by America's Globe Magazine is swirling around which claims that Kate Middleton and Prince Williams could be the next Queen and King of England. A Celebrity Dirty Laundry report based on Globe Magazine's March 24th print edition the Queen is "planning to set aside this summer." Furthermore, Queen Elizabeth has reportedly set a coronation date for a couple who she plans to crown the king and the queen of the England. As per the report, the investiture ceremony will be held for Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton and not Prince Charles who is rightfully and traditionally the next monarch. Celebrity Dirty Laundry inferred that such a decision may have left Prince Charles' wife Camilla Parker-Bowles seething with anger and "on one of her typical drunken benders."  

Meanwhile, it is said that Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took a break and went for a romantic getaway to the Maldives islands.  Word is Kate Middleton and Prince William left their 8-month old royal baby Prince George with his grandparents, Carole and Michael Middleton and a new nanny. According NY Daily News, the royal couple has recently recruited a "thirtysomething Spanish nanny for Prince George." According to the reports after leaving behind their son, two of them visited Noonu Atoll in Maldives. Even though it is not yet confirmed, but do you think Kate Middleton and Prince William deserve to become the next Queen and King of England?

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