Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twins? Revealed Why Duchess of Cambridge And Prince William Left Prince George for Second Honey Moon

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Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant with twins. UK gossip magazine Ok! claimed that Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are quite thrilled with the news that soon they will parenting twins.

"She and William had been trying since January. Will's told the queen he'd love to have at least two daughters. With all the boys in his family, he's trying to even up the balance," a source close to Royal family told revealed to the magazine.

Previously it was rumored that Kate Middleton is expecting a baby girl. Star Magazine reported that Kate Middleton is thrilled with the news that she will be giving birth to a baby girl.

"Little George is getting a sister, and Kate is absolutely thrilled," a source told the magazine, according to celebrity gossip website Classicalite.com

"[Kate] was really hoping the next child would be a girl, and having it confirmed has just given her best start to the year. Kate and William are ecstatic!"

The news of Kate Middleton's second pregnancy has been making waves on the Internet for quite a while. What add more fuel to the fire is Kate Middleton and Prince William's latest plans to leave Prince George and go on a second honeymoon.

Reportedly, Kate and William have booked a 45-villa resort in Maldives, all to themselves and their friends. They flew to Maldives on March 6 and reports suggest that couple wants to spend some lone time with each other.

The holiday plans have come just after the news of Kate Middleton alleged second pregnancy broke. Does it mean Kate wants to nurture the alleged pregnancy away from the hustle bustle of British capital?

Previously, it was reported also that Kate Middleton is planning to hire a nanny for Prince George, so that he could be taken care off.

Let us know what do you think about Kate Middleton rumored pregnancy. Do you think she is taking a  Maldives vacation to  cherish her alleged pregnancy amidst the azure beaches and will  she will be soon giving birth to twins ?

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