Kate Middleton Pregnant With Second Baby Boy, Report Suggests

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While the refurbishment of their Kensington Palace apartment has generated heat because it cost the taxpayers around 4.5 million pounds, the young couple are keeping their fashion sense intact! Reuters

Not too long ago rumours claimed that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is pregnant with twin girls. Following those claims, the new reports have emerged stating that her highness is pregnant with only one child, a baby boy.

According to July 7th edition of In Touch Weekly magazine, Kate Middleton is pregnant with second baby and she is reportedly "thrilled." Citing the claims of the tabloid, Celebrity Dirty Laundry states that in the month of May, Duchess suffered morning sickness. This is the reason she kept a low profile in public.

The report notes that the big announcement will reportedly be confirmed on Prince George's first birthday in July, as per Kate Middleton and Prince William's plans. Prince William believes a baby brother would be the "best gift" for Prince George.  

It is reported that the reason for them to have second baby within a year after their first child's birth is Prince William's belief of giving his son a sibling close to his age. He wishes Prince George to have the similar bond like Prince William shares with Prince Harry.  

Another report by the Web site states that the rumours fuelled up when she could "barely conceal baby bump" during her recent outings. At the moment, Kate Middleton is "prepping for spare heir." The report also suggests that Kate Middleton and Prince William want to move out of Kensington Palace and move to Sandringham to raise their kids. However, these reports have been denied and it is said the royal couple has planned $7 million renovation at Kensington Palace, according to Inquistr.

Meanwhile, reader know that this is not the first time it has been reported that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with second baby with Prince William. Most recently Star and OK! Magazines reported that Kate Middleton is pregnant with twin girls. However, these reports were slammed later when Regimental Sergeant Major Ray Collister asked Prince William if the couple was planning another baby. William responded by saying "One's enough at the moment" (via Mirror). Also, there is no real evidence for the latest pregnancy reports of Kate Middleton making the rounds. Reports about Kate Middleton's pregnancy remain unconfirmed. 

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