Kate Middleton Pregnant With A Baby Girl: Delivery Due Date Revealed or Is It Fake?

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Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors have always been the favorite topic of media discussion. The recent reports suggest that Kate is pregnant with Baby no 2. Some of the media publications have even gone ahead and stated that Kate will deliver a girl this time and due date is just round the corner.

Star publications, known for its sensational news has claimed that Kate is overjoyed with her second pregnancy. According to Classicalite.com Star magazine further reported that the due date of the second baby is August, which is almost close to the month of July when Prince George was born last year.

Apparently, Kate Middleton always wanted to have a baby girl and news of baby girl's arrival have made her ecstatic. However, the buzz is Prince William was surprised when he came to know that he is having a baby girl. The insider who has leaked the news of Kate's alleged pregnancy has also stated that William was expecting that Prince George would have a brother.

"William was ecstatic! He couldn't stop hugging her. He was actually a little surprised, because he was convinced it would be a boy. In his head, he was expecting a brother for George, because he himself grew up with a little brother...He knows his mother, Princess Diana, would have been overjoyed," said the source.

There is still no official confirmation regarding Kate Middleton's pregnancy, still it is being said that her friends were not surprised when news of her second pregnancy broke.

As per Classicalite.com, a family friend told Star Magazine, "They've said all along that they want back-to-back babies. So Kate's closest friends have always known that she intended to get pregnant again quickly."

Do you think Kate Middleton is really pregnant and has a due date in August? Let us know your thoughts on Duchess of Cambridge pregnancy rumors.

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